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Someone on Facebook wrote:

I think I am done teaching, any suggestions on a good career change for teachers? What are the teachers who left teaching doing now?

That made me wonder, “Have you asked an AI for help?” So I asked on their behalf and got this:

Sure, I understand how overwhelming it can be to think about changing careers after teaching. Here is a table summarizing potential career paths and roles for former teachers.

LinkedIn Groups for Teachers Seeking Career Changes

Here are the relevant LinkedIn groups and resources for teachers seeking to transition to new careers:

  1. Teacher Transition: Work Opportunities for Teachers Beyond the Classroom[13]
  2. Teaching: A Path to L&D and Teaching to Training groups[8]
  3. EdTech Startups and EdTech Specialists groups[8]
  4. Groups for specific roles like Customer Success or Customer Support[8]
  5. Life After Teaching - Career Transition Support for Teachers Facebook group
  6. Teachers Transitioning to New Careers Facebook group
  7. Career Change for Teachers Facebook group
  8. Teachers in Transition Facebook group
  9. Ex-Teachers Transitioning to New Careers Facebook group
  10. Teachers College, Columbia University Career Services group[3]
  11. Teacher Career Coach group[1]
  12. Networking for Teachers Who Want to Transition Out of the Classroom[4]
  13. Teacher Transition Monthly Membership[16]

Career Paths and Roles for Former Teachers

Career Path Role Description Skills Utilized
Education-Related Fields Instructional Designer Create educational programs and materials for various industries. Curriculum development, instructional skills
Educational Consultant Provide advice on curriculum design, school policies, and educational strategies. Analytical skills, communication
Curriculum Developer Design and develop educational materials and lesson plans. Curriculum development, creativity
Corporate Trainer Develop and deliver training programs for employees. Instructional skills, communication
School Counselor Support students' academic and emotional needs. Counseling, empathy
Business and Corporate Sectors Human Resources Manager Oversee recruitment, training, and employee relations. Organizational skills, communication
Project Manager Lead teams to achieve specific goals within set timelines. Planning, leadership
Customer Success Manager Ensure customer satisfaction with products or services. Relationship-building, communication
Marketing Manager Develop strategies to promote products or services. Creativity, communication
Creative and Writing Fields Writer/Editor Leverage writing and editing skills for various publications and companies. Writing, editing
Blogger Create educational content or write about topics of interest. Writing, creativity
Non-Profit and Government Sectors Non-Profit Professional Work in program management, fundraising, and community outreach. Organizational skills, communication
Government Roles Work in educational policy, program administration, or other roles. Analytical skills, policy knowledge
Online and Remote Opportunities Online Tutor Educate students through online platforms. Instructional skills, flexibility
Remote Corporate Trainer Develop and deliver training programs remotely. Instructional skills, communication
Unconventional and Niche Roles Museum Archivist or Curator Manage collections and create educational programs for museums. Organizational skills, creativity
Educational Toy Designer Create educational toys and materials. Creativity, instructional skills

Tips for Transitioning

  • Identify Transferable Skills: Highlight skills such as communication, organization, leadership, and problem-solving in your resume and cover letters.
  • Network: Use platforms like LinkedIn to connect with professionals in your desired field and seek informational interviews.
  • Upskill: Consider taking courses or earning certifications relevant to your new career path.
  • Tailor Your Application: Customize your resume and cover letter to align with the job requirements and showcase how your teaching experience is relevant.

By exploring these diverse career options and leveraging your teaching skills, you can find a fulfilling new career path that aligns with your interests and strengths. Remember, you’re not alone in this journey, and there are plenty of resources and communities out there to support you.

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