Want to be on this blog roll? Let me know! My goal is less to exclude than to document people whom I read on a regular basis when I might otherwise skip everything else. I will keep adding to this list over time, but it will probably stay relatively short. You can’t have a conversation with everyone. Suggestions for an RSS feed aggregator/reader at the end.


Here are a few. I read quite a few more, as you’ll see if you grab my OPML file at the end.

Thinking Blogs

In no particular order except where I copied and pasted them…

EdTech Blogs

RSS Feed Reader Suggestion

Looking for a great RSS reader? Some people use feedly or whatever. I hate those web-based RSS aggregators. They keep nagging me for money. Instead, I use Feedbro Reader.

Here’s my OPML file of folks I follow. You can import that into FeedBro Reader and you’ve somewhere to start. Of course, some of the links may have gotten out of date since I uploaded it, so you may have to hunt down the broken links. It happens. I’ll try to update it in the future.