Miguel Guhlin (that’s me) explores the use of edtech in education. As an avid edublogger, he explores how technology can (or not) enrich teaching, empower students, and advance leadership. In 2024, he made the transition from Google’s Blogspot and WordPress to Micro Blog solution. He currently writes at Another Think Coming at https://mgblog.org.


Anything written at Another Think Coming (mgblog.org) does NOT reflect his employer’s views or perspectives. Links do not constitute an endorsement, and Another Think Coming is about exploring ideas, of revisiting them from another angle, and maybe, to cast them aside.

The meaning of Another Think Coming should be clear, but if it’s not, it means that when you’re wrong about something, because of new evidence, you change your mind. If wrong, one has “another think coming.”

What Does the Evidence Say?

This blog seeks to ask, “What’s the evidence say about it today? Is it true, factual, and accurate?” As such, it is an attempt to put into practice what one knows about critical thinking, and applying it to one’s own sacred beliefs, and long-held ideas.

Miguel says:

“I have often found research has changed or transformed my understanding of what I once held dear. I have decided to do my best to follow the evidence, even when it requires me to think again about a topic close to my heart or “fixed firmly” in my mind.”

More Nice Stuff About MG

You can find an archive of 5500+ blog entries to edtech and leadership at the now retired Around the Corner online space. Gee, that was a long time Miguel wrote over there.

He is kinda glad to see it put to pasture. Since 2005 until February, 2024. A LONG time.

Miguel’s writing has received awards, but as Louis L’Amour said, “You don’t sail on yesterday’s wind.”

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About the Coin

Wondering about the coin used as a website icon? It is a “centisimo” coin (1 cent) from the Republic of Panama.

It shows Urracá, a leader who fought against Spanish conquistadors in what is now the Republic of Panama, Miguel’s country of origin.

He grew up listening to stories of his exploits and his mother went to a teacher college that has a statue representing him. You can read more about this bit of Panamanian history and how it intersects with Miguel’s. It is in use here to remind him to remember the past, the sacrifices of so many in the face of persecution.

About the Image

The image at the top of this post is by Rob Mulally on Unsplash