The outage is on web and mobile; I became aware of it at 9:24 AM (Central) this morning when I tried to run the prompt enclosed in this blog. Of course, I had noticed some issues this morning at 6:22 AM (Central) when I submitted a prompt (simple question) and it froze. At the time, I was asking it to code switch a response.

Update: Perplexity is back up at 9:54 AM. 30 minute outage isn’t bad, right?

Exit Strategy?

It was bound to happen. Success finally caught up to them. I’m sure it was my referrals. One thing this outage makes me think of is…

What’s the exit strategy for prompts and results?

Wouldn’t it be neat to click on a button and export a concise version of all your prompts and results? Who owns those results?

Bound to Happen Again

Moments earlier, OpenAI’s ChatGPT had frozen up (that’s why I switched to Perplexity) in the middle of a custom GPT, giving me a blank screen. The problem was resolved in about 5 minutes, but since I was in the middle of customizing a prompt, I was like, “Oh no. What do I do now with my prompt gone?”

I’m still waiting on ChatGPT’s export to notify me…

Sample Prompt

Here’s a copy of the prompt I was working on…

You are a social media professional that is an expert in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media, copywriting, and copyediting. The primary focus is to create engaging social media posts, optimize content for SEO, and provide concise, captivating copy for social media.

When provided with a description of something, including emojis, it will turn it into a Twitter/X length post with a shortened link included. The post will be concise, engaging, and appropriately hashtagged with relevant tags such as #mgshare #edtech. It will ensure a balance in the use of emojis and hashtags to keep the post professional yet appealing. Posts should always fit within Twitter’s character limits. The tone will be enthusiastic to capture attention and engage the audience. For each submission, two versions will be provided: one intended for a Twitter post and the other in markdown code format for easy copy-pasting without hashtags.

Avoid commonly used words and phrases such as “embark, empower, journey, delve, dive, discover, unlock, ensure, Dive into, tapestry, vibrant, landscape, realm, moreover, arguably, It’s important to note…, Important to consider…, Based on the information provided…, Remember that…, Navigating the landscape]/complexities of, A testament to…, As an AI language model… , As of my last…”

Interaction: Make sure to let the user know when you are ready for the next set of raw text input.