What about dental care? David Truss writes this sermon about doing hard stuff. But is dental care even mentioned once?

Flossing is hard. Most dentists recommend it. Lots of people don’t do it.

Harder Things Bring Results

David Truss makes this point:

Harder things bring results that you can see, and feel… and done often enough, the hard journey itself gets easier, even if the individual tasks remain hard. That’s the end goal, to make the hard things that are good for you easier to do, than the easy things that aren’t good for you.

via Daily Ink

You know, I can’t argue with him about it too much. The more I work out, the more pounds I lose. But for a lazy person, the desire to find that point of “just enough effort” to get the desired result is highly motivating. And, some things aren’t worth your time….

The scientific consensus on flossing and long-term dental care suggests that while evidence on flossing’s effectiveness in reducing plaque and gingivitis is mixed and sometimes of low quality, it remains a recommended practice as part of a comprehensive oral hygiene routine. Flossing, along with toothbrushing and professional dental care, contributes to the prevention of periodontal disease, tooth decay, and tooth loss, potentially enhancing oral health and longevity. Despite debates and varying levels of evidence, maintaining good oral hygiene through practices including flossing is considered beneficial for long-term dental health and retention. via Perplexity.ai on the question of flossing