Have a Windows 10 device in your life? Then it may be time to look for that exit strategy. Running a Surface Book laptop, I realized that I didn’t want to mess with Windows 10 craziness. So, I decided to trade it in for GNU/Linux machine. Of course, I decided that before finding out that the onboard webcam won’t work under Linux. Sigh. That necessitates an inexpensive USB webcam purchase (and software purchase of Webcamoid). Aside from that “little” detail, everything works smooth.

Microsoft is getting ready to annoy its faithful Windows 10 user base with yet another prompt. This time, Microsoft wants Windows 10 users to switch from using a local account to their online Microsoft account. via Mashable

That’s sad. At work, I have a Windows 10 machine with awesome specs (it’s a behemoth of a laptop, I don’t know who thought it would be a good piece of equipment to lug around (I inherited it from my predecessor), which is what prompted me to invest in a Surface laptop back then). While I like Windows 11, it won’t run on that Lenovo w540 (as I recall). So, Linux Mint Cinnamon has been running great on the Windows 10 machine.

The real issue is, “What am I going to carry around when facilitating workshops?” The truth is, a Google Chromebook will fill the need quite well. Too bad my Lenovo Chromebook Duet died last week, leaving me without a small form factor device. Bummer.

You know, I’d carry the Surface running Linux Mint, but I need to do some more testing before I trust myself and it in front of a large audience during a presentation. The testing will start next week. Wish me luck. If not, I may end up asking for someone to buy me a….


StarLite 12.5-inch

This looks intriguing but expensive.

  • 2.5" 2880x1920 IPS touchscreen
  • Intel N200 Alder Lake-N processor
  • 16GB RAM, up to 2TB SSD
  • Detachable backlit keyboard with trackpad
  • Supports Ubuntu, Elementary OS, Mint, Manjaro and more

Cool, huh? Configured the way I want it would run $832. Sigh. I can dream, eh?