Smart home devices get compromised every day. Whether it’s your security camera to a baby monitor, your privacy is increasingly at-risk.


An estimated 672 million households are expected to use smart home devices by 2027. What can anyone do about cybersecurity challenges those households will face? Are you sure you want to let these devices into your home without them being properly vetted and tested?


Wouldn’t it be amazing to have devices that are secure and that possessed some label or mark? That way, you would know they were secure before you bought them. Instead of buying them then finding out after a breach? A combination of standards and certifications may make that a reality in the future.

The Connectivity Standards Alliance Product Security Working Group Launches the IoT Device Security Specification 1.0: The Connectivity Standards Alliance (“Alliance”) Product Security Working Group is pleased to announce the release of their IoT (Internet of Things) Device Security Specification 1.0, with the accompanying certification program, and Product Security Verified Mark. This groundbreaking initiative aims to establish a unified IoT cybersecurity standard and certification program, providing manufacturers a one-stop solution to certify their devices, enabling them to comply with multiple international regulations and standards more easily. source


I don’t know about you, but it’s time to demand our smart home devices are protected and that they are secure. Only invest in devices that show labels that meet the IoT Device Security Specification 1.0. Your family’s privacy and safety relies on your vigilance.