Redacting Science: #Texas Censorship

A school district in Houston {Cypress-Fairbaks ISD} has voted to redact chapters on vaccines and climate change, and parents and educators are worried Via Erum Salam, The Guardian I have to agree with this assessment from PEN America of this act: “A narrow ideological viewpoint is reshaping …

Quote: Not Organized Around Science

Love this quote shared via Mastodon: Source

Quote: Ignoring Ignorance

This quote resonates with my own life experiences. At Another Think Coming, I can really see how much ignoring ignorance played into my own life. Everything merits another think. It’s almost as if you walk through life with blinders on, and then suddenly, they are gone. And you see everything …

Climate Disaster Coming

This is a tough read about a harsh future ahead: “The enormity of the problem is not well understood,” said Ralph Sims, at Massey University in New Zealand. “So there will be environmental refugees by the millions, extreme weather events escalating, food and water shortages, before the majority …

What Starts Here Changes the World #education #politics #protest

This image from by Michael Minasi of KUT Austin is an eye-opener. via Nerve Endings Firing Away

All is Well

“All is well” by Henry Scott Holland

Image: Make your Teaspoon Count

Reposting this from Neil DeGrasse Facebook group: Imagine I said something profound connecting our experience creating and being a part of a team with this bee pic…..