Auto-generated description: A man stands next to a quote attributed to Daniel Kahneman about the human tendency to ignore ignorance, with the design of the image also including a logo and tagline.

This quote resonates with my own life experiences. At Another Think Coming, I can really see how much ignoring ignorance played into my own life. Everything merits another think. It’s almost as if you walk through life with blinders on, and then suddenly, they are gone. And you see everything as it is, or at least, as much as you can see it. From that point forward, you spend time re-examining everything to better understand it, updating your own “theory of the world.”

Professional Equivalent

One example that comes to mind is my awareness of Hattie’s work. I had no idea his book, or ideas, were available in 2009. Being aware of that would have been SO helpful to me in my career. Unfortunately, I didn’t become aware of it until nine years later. That’s a lifetime. Worse, at the time, I was so confident of my expertise as an edtech educator, I thought I had the magic bullet. What hubris!

Now, I try to resist the temptation to think, “This, THIS is it.”