This ought to make edtech advocates pause on pushing ebooks into children’s hands…as an avid reader, anecdotally, I can say there is a difference if I don’t take notes by hand in notebook. I prefer nonfiction in print, fiction in digital.

AI Summary

A study examined how middle-school students understand and process information when reading from digital screens compared to printed pages. Researchers used a brain activity measurement called N400 to see how deeply students were engaging with the text. They found that students read more deeply and understood better when reading from printed pages than from digital screens. This was shown by different brain response patterns: deeper reading was linked to stronger brain responses to related words after reading printed text, while shallower reading was linked to weaker brain responses after reading digital text. The study suggests that print media may lead to better comprehension than digital media.


[1] Middle-schoolers’ reading and processing depth in response to digital and print media: An N400 study…