This was the Mermaid code that generated for me, introducing me to Mermaid:

Code Displayed In Image Above

graph TD
    A[Do you have any prior commitments on the day of the event?] -->|Yes| B[Can you reschedule or delegate those commitments?]
    A -->|No| C[Do you want to support your niece by attending?]
    B -->|Yes| C
    B -->|No| D[Send a gift or card and explain your absence]
    C -->|Yes| E[Do you have the financial means to attend?]
    C -->|No| F[Consider other ways to show support]
    E -->|Yes| G[Do you have the time and energy to attend?]
    E -->|No| F
    G -->|Yes| H[Attend the graduation event]
    G -->|No| F
    F --> I[Send a gift or card and explain your absence]

I didn’t know what to do with Mermaid code. I hadn’t discovered a list of tools that I could use that would render it. Fortunately, Mermaid Live was handy. It’s only one of several tools that would get the job done