This has to be the scariest article ever…what will the impact be on all those professional learning facilitators, conferences, and more as the education budgets for countless districts implodes? How far will the shockwave reach as schools reduce in force? How will teachers caught in the mushroom cloud survive? How will politicians be held accountable for this short funding of schools that will dump professionals into unemployment?

Schools are about a year out from a budgetary cliff. The combination of declining student enrollment and the expiration of federal relief funds will make the spring 2025 budget season particularly painful in many districts across the country.

districts will need to lay off 384,000 full-time staff, or an equivalent number of part-time staff. Since schools tend to lay off part-timers first, this figure may be undercounting the total jobs at risk. via The 74

If you haven’t read the notices, in Texas alone, many school districts are already in process to enact a massive reduction in force.

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  • and there are more….

It may be doom and gloom. For some, it offers an opportunity to do something else than run the maze of rows, picking and collecting and schooling, legislators have set up and administrators oversee.

And, what part will AI play in consuming those jobs left vacant by the RIF’d?