Perhaps, I’m easily amazed at how AI makes hard things easy. I stumbled across a RSS feed file earlier this morning, saved it to my phone, then, maybe, went back to sleep. Later this morning, I tried to import the RSS file into Feedbro, a fantastic browser-based RSS feed reader/aggregator. No luck. Feedbro can only handle OPML.

How to get that microblog RSS file converted into OPML? to the Rescue

I found a few websites online that might do it, but it involved a lot of copying and pasting. I decided to give a try, and voila! After pasting in the text of the RSS file into Claude, giving it a simple prompt, it created an OPML file for me.

Import File into Feedbro

I loaded the AI-generated OPML file, and now...

Ok, it didn’t work. That try didn’t work at all. It was worth a shot. I’ll have to step back and give it another try later.

Second Try

So, I told, it didn’t work:

As a result, Claude generated a new file. I imported that version in:

But it didn’t work. Since there were duplicates, I removed duplicates, and edited the properties for the unique feeds:

And, it worked!

But I still wondered, could Claude modify the file to get it where it needed to be? The answer is YES: