What a disappointing development, if not for sports, for America’s claim to prizing diversity:

Black college athletes should rethink any decision to attend public colleges and universities in Florida, the NAACP advised in an extraordinary letter issued in response to efforts by Gov. Ron DeSantis to weaken diversity, equity and inclusion efforts statewide. . .“From racist voting policies, to unraveling reproductive freedoms and attempting to rewrite Black history, DeSantis has waged war on Black America,” wrote NAACP Board of Directors Chairman Leon Russell and President and CEO Derrick Johnson in the letter. . .A handful of other states have taken aim at DEI programs at universities. That includes Texas, where a sweeping ban took effect on Jan. 1 that eliminates DEI offices, diversity training and most activities based on race, color, ethnicity, gender identity or sexual orientation. Source: NPR as cited in Educational Equity, Politics & Policy in Texas

Not the America I want my children growing up in. Do you?