Yikes, diet sodas are bad for you. I’m still able to buy them everywhere I go. I may have some of this heart stumping brew in my pantry. Whether you drink diet or regular, it can still impact you:

the study indicates that people who drank more than two liters of diet beverages per week were 20 percent more likely to develop a-fib than those who don’t drink any…drinking more than two liters per week of conventionally sweetened cola saw a 10 percent increase in a-fib symptoms. (source)

No worries, though, you can apparently drink some fruit juice and counteract the effects…that’s how it works, right? Maybe not.

When looking at the portion of the cohort that drank only pure, unsweetened fruit or vegetable juice, the researchers found something even more fascinating: they appeared to have an eight percent lower risk of developing irregular heartbeats than their soda-drinking counterparts.

Ok, maybe it’s time to switch back to plain water. Again.

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Photo by Fernando Lavin on Unsplash