This was an eye opener…

Firms in the tech sector and beyond went on a hiring spree after the onset of the pandemic before pivoting to a focus on efficiency through layoffs and other cost-cutting measures. New listings of AI-related jobs are rising, year-over-year, while tech job listings are falling….

via Wall Street Journal

Harold Jarche shares this quote, and of course, you’ll want to read Harold’s take on the whole thing about “step lively” to five ways humans can adapt:

“In a few months, maybe a year, the first wave of AI-driven layoffs slash firings are going to hit the economy. And then? They’ll just keep going. Executives are going to figure out that a whole lot of work — clerical, administrative, accounting, legal, writing, marketing, customer relations, even decision-making and risk analysis and data analysis — can be automated. AI’s going to be like offshoring, but much, much worse. Offshoring wiped out the working class — AI’s going to finish the job of wiping out the middle class. Offshoring eviscerated blue collar jobs — AI’s going to wipe out some pink collar ones, and a whole lot of white collar ones, too. —Umair Haque 2023-04-28

All this news about jobs disappearing makes me want to recommend this course on ChatGPT for Educators! 🙂 :-)