Looking for writing prompts for nature? These YpsiWrites folks have put together a series of prompts or writing resources you can get as a book.


The website offers a lot of nifty resources:

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The book offers sample prompts that will have you exploring the outdoors. Here’s one:

Indoors or Outdoors. Explore the landscape to determine how many types of trees are present. Which are deciduous? Which are conifers? What can you notice about each tree’s branching pattern, bark, roots, leaves/needles, twigs, or buds? What roles does each tree seem to play in its community? Sketch or photograph and write about the trees you see.

I admit that it’s been a long time since I’ve gone outside and studied nature. It’s too easy to ignore that in my mad dash to hurry off to where I need to be next. In all the hurrying to and fro, nature is ignored.