Blog rolls. They seem a thing of the past, an archaic habit consecrated by time long past.

It’s a very old fashioned way of keeping track of, and linking your blog to other blogs of note. Troy Patterson and Ben Werd share their respective opinions about this old practice.

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Ben doesn’t think they are necessary. After all, he offers something much better. A list of what he’s reading, and you can see where those thoughts are coming from.

Troy is curious. He wants to see who Ben would highlight. Troy writes:

I do like blogrolls. They are an additional way to discover neat people and blogs. Most of my discovery right now is through Mastodon. With the movement back to self-hosted content, blogrolls could be valuable.

Although no one has asked, blog rolls are fun. In the old days, when blogs were still a conversation among far flung outposts of thought, they were like a length of telephone string, bridging the wide gap. They are an open invitation to bloggers on it that, “Hey, anytime you come here, I have something to chat with you about. Write about something I’m writing, and I’ll return the favor.”

So in that spirit of string telephones (cup phones) and friendly chats on virtual front porches, I’ll share my burgeoning blog roll. Some things may be old, but some old things may yet serve.

Photo by James Garcia on Unsplash