Earlier this year (2024), I had the chance to facilitate a workshop on a topic I’d spent a LONG time reading about and researching. I felt ignorant about it, so much so that I started out studying logic, what constituted logical fallacies, types of bias, and more. It was great because I was finally learning about something I’d ignored or done as little as I could over the years. Maybe I did that because it was uncomfortable, hard, and a pain.

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Engaged in an Activity

But a lifetime of experience made me want to explore this all the more. Critical thinking, I’ve found, is a bit like writing. If you’re not engaged in the activity, you’re not a writer or thinker. Fortunately, writing is one way that critical thinking can be done, and that’s something I’ve done for years. Of course, I still mess up. One way I did was how I went about setting up this blog.

The Sword of Damocles

You’re probably familiar with this story. Impending doom hangs over your head by a thread. In my case, it’s the fact that I moved my to point to, but in my effort to clean out content, I nuked the it was pointing to. Not once, but twice. I suppose I shouldn’t have acted on that impulse that said, “Do it…do it now!” while watching television on the couch after a day’s work.

Now, I’m waiting for my to point at a website that doesn’t exist. Let’s hope that will be easy to recover from.

In the meantime, I’ve fixed the issue with a new domain ( that points to my new site, We’ll see if it works. But it’s obvious that some System 2 thinking should have taken place. I probably could have written everything down to see if this was the way to go.

Critical Thinking Processes

In spite of knowing about several critical thinking processes, I skipped them all to do what I wanted. I went with my first impulse and that wasn’t a wise choice. I’m looking forward to thinking things through a bit more. Look before you leap, of course.